To Be Or Not To Be: Friends with Benefits

We know the old song and dance. Being friends with benefits can either be an awesome arrangement or a ticking time bomb. The question is: do we want to take part?  Learn what to expect and know when to bow out. Most of all, lay down the ground rules with your friend right from the start. Do you want to be exclusive? How often can I call you over for Netflix and Chill? Can we binge Star Wars in the order I think is canon or is that too date-ish?

Let’s face it — There’s a lot less drama with your friends compared to with your significant other. It’s easy to be insecure with someone you want to date, which in turn results in tension. With a close friend, you know each other’s quirks and flaws, and you don’t have to keep appearances. Order the burger at that restaurant you love! Fart and blame the other person! Wear those comfy sweats instead of that new scratchy shirt! The rules of dates don’t apply here (within reason, of course).

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